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Dear member,
I have the pleasure of informing you that, with the resolution no. 49/02/LC dated July 22nd 2002 by the ENCI Commissioner, Dr. Claudio Pierantoni, the “Rules for the behavioural morphological test” and the “Rules for the social Championship” of our breed were finally adopted. The adoption of the B.M.T is extremely important for the future of the breed and for the activity of the Kennel Club. We must thank the present Commissioner if, after petitioning ENCI for years, our efforts have had a positive outcome. Dr. Pierantoni’s steady commitment has reached the purpose which we claim to be fundamental. The adoption of the B.M.T. is the first step to bring the Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdog on a par with zootechnically more advanced breeds and to orientate the breeding to more modern aims,i.e., the control of the reproduction with reference to genetic diseases, behavioural balance and a proper morphology. The B.M.T. approved by ENCI is simple and easy and it can contribute to improve the breeding and, as a consequence, the quality of the specimens, in order to offer healthy, balanced, typical Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdogs, which are the offspring of “certi fied” parents because they have passed the test. Passing the test is a necessary condition to obtain the title of Italian Champion and Social Champion. This has been enacted since 22nd July 2002. Dogs which, before that date had already started the procedure to obtain the above mentioned titles (they should have got a C.A.C. at least) can continue the same procedure for the Italian Championship, according to the old regulations, which means that they do not have to pass the B.M.T. The B.M.T. approved by ENCI says that, to undergo the test a Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdog has first to take an X-ray of the hips after it is 18 months old. Secondly, the result of the official reading of the hips X-ray has to be A (formerly 0) or B (formerly 1). It is absolutely necessary, therefore, for the dogs’ owners who want them to pass the B.M.T., to act in a way so as their dogs take the X-ray quickly, in order to meet all the requirements. Besides B.M.T., ENCI has adopted the “New Rules for the Social Championship” which are completely different from the ones on force until 22nd July 2002. The Championship is organized on a single day, when various prizes will be awarded, i.e., the Male and Female Social Champions, the Best Promise of the year, the Best Hope of the year, the Best Male and Female Breeders, the Best Dog Breeders’Group of the year. Since the adoption of the B.M.T. and of the New Rules for the Social Championship represents the goal towards which all our efforts and commitment have been directed, I would like to express, on my behalf and on the behalf of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club Council the most heartful thanks to all the members who have supported us in our attempt to promote and appreciate the Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdog. Best regards and thanks to everyone
The President
Sandro Allemand

The Behavioural-Morphological Test (from now onwards simply named as B.M.T.) consists of an evaluation of the “type”, of the general framework, as well of an assessment of the behavioural qualities of the examined specimen, in order to recommend its use to improve and to promote the breed. It is absolutely necessary to pass the B.M.T. to get the titles of Italian Champion and Social Champion. Breeders and amateurs of Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdogs have to consider B.M.T. as the best zootechnical instrument to give value to the breed, because it grants the best unified possible procedures in breeding. The test is based on an accurate evaluation of both the morphology and the behaviour of the dog.

In its first annual meeting the Council of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club appoint one of its members as the Manager in charge for the B.M.T.: this person has to take care of the execution of the test and to control the enforcement of the present rules. The person in charge for the B.M.T., together with other two members appointed by the Council, set up the B.M.T. Commission. The B.M.T. Manager has to draw up the annual B.M.T.s calendar (to be approved by the Kennel Club Co uncil), he has to collect all the papers that are presented or produced during the B.M.T. and to send them to the Secretary’s office. Finally, he has to gather the results of the tests, which have to be published in the Kennel Club Yearbook.

The Council examine the candidates proposed by the B.M.T. Manager. Then, with their own resolution, confirmed by ENCI, they choose the judges among those enrolled by ENCI, to carry out the tests for the present year. Every test will be evaluated by two judges: the Exhibition Judge, well experienced in the analysis of the breed, and the Work Judge. The judges cannot evaluate more than thirty specimens in a single day.
Test Admission
All the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdogs which are included in the Italian Genealogical Registers (or foreign associated countries Genealogical Registers, or other Registers acknowledged by ENCI) and are at least twenty months old are admitted to B.M.T. Owners that are under a disciplinary suspension by ENCI or CPMA (Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdog Kennel Club) cannot have their dogs take the test. The results of the test are irrevocable. The owner of a dog that could provoke damages during an exhibi-
tion has to pay for them. (art. No. 2052)

Essential Documents an Requisites for the Admission
To take B.M.T. every specimen has to possess the following requisites and to produce the following documents:
- Original copy of the enrollment certificate (pedigree) to one of the above mentioned genealogical Registers.
- The book of the qualifications
- To be twenty months old at least at the moment of the test
- The stamp on the pedigree, testifying the hip X-ray taken after the dog is 18 months old and read in one of the official centres acknowledged by ENCI, with one of the following results: A (formerly 0) or B (formerly 1)
- to be in good health
- rabies vaccine certificate, testifying that the vaccination has taken place within a year and not less that a month before the test
- Clearly shown tattoo or microchip
- evaluation card of a formerly failed B.M.T. in the cases when the test is to be repeated
- Self-certification testifying that the dog has been employed in the guardianship of a flock, for the specimens with cut off ears. In case of female dogs on heat, the B.M.T. Manager has to in-
form the Judges who, in turn, will establish the procedures for their test.

The Organizer’s Tasks
Those who organize the test should take care of its proper course. They should provide for:
- A fit piece of land (flat and quite wide, possibly fenced for safety reasons) with toilets
- A suitable number of collaborators (four at least)
- A covered place for the jury and the collaborators in case of rain
- Sound equipments
- A dog metre, a band metre, a scale, a microchips scanner (the one approved by ENCI) and a proper stand for the judge who has to fill in the forms
- No. 2 six mm. blank guns with enough munitions
- Pectoral numbers or just numbers for the dogs
- A veterinarian

The B.M.T. Manager’s tasks
- Send invitations in due time
- Collect the admissions
- Check and keep, under his own responsibility, the documents and verify the regularity of the features of the enrolled dogs, as well as of the produced documents
- Prepare the B.M.T. catalogue
- Hand the evaluation cards over to the judges, following the catalogue order and already filled in with the data concerning the dogs, the owners and the breeders.

The admissions must be sent to the B.M.T. manager by mail, fax or e-mail at least ten days before the schedule for B.M.T. They must have all the data concerning the dog, the owner and the breeder and they must be accompanied with the required documents. Admissions on the same day of the B.M.T. cannot be accepted. The admission fees must be paid before the beginning of the test.

How to carry out the B.M.T.
The B.M.T. of Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdogs takes place analysing specimens one by one, according to the catalogue order and it is then reported on the so-called B.M.T. evaluation card. The sample model of such a card has been approved by the Council of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club. The test includes two steps. In the first one the Work Judge examines the dog to evaluate its behaviour, using a battery of tests which will be described in the next paragraph. Only the specimens that
pass the first step are admitted to the second one, when an Exhibition Judge examines the morphological features of the dog.

Behavioural Test
Its aim is to evaluate the innate features concerning the psychophysical qualities of a Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog. Shy, fearful or aggressive dogs are always to be excluded,while the behavioural balance of the dogs must always be taken into account. To evaluate the dog’s behaviour the Work Judge carries out the following tests:
A) Contact with Strangers The couple dog conductor gets into the ring. They are greeted by the Judge who shakes hands with and talks to the conductor. Then, with the help of his Assistants, the Judge identifies the dog by checking its tattoo or its microchip. Then the couple move, keeping a loose leash, among a group of six people. At first the six people stand still, then they move, talk to each other, shake hands with the conductor and finally they form not a very closed circle around the dog and its conductor. The Judge examines the dog’s behaviour which must not be fearful or aggressive
B) Visual prompt Keeping a loose leash, the con
ductor moves out of the group and walks towards a previously identified pole, about 20 mt. far. Throughout the passage there are plastic bands, 50 cm. Long, which are hung at 1,5 mt, height from the ground. The Judge examines the dog’s reaction which could be puzzled at first, but then it must quickly recover its former attitude. In any case, no signs of fear can be shown.
C) Sound prompt Keeping a loose leash, and following the Judge’s directions the couple walk a short distance; after about 20 metres there is a shot (a six blank gun must be used). The Judge examines the dog’s reaction which must show sufficient balance. The dog could be puzzled at first, but then it must quickly recover its former attitude. For each of the above mentioned three tests the Judge reports His evaluation (passed/failed) on the B.M.T. card and he can also make additional remarks. The dog which passes the three behavioural tests is admitted to the morphological test.

Morphological Test
It consists in a careful survey of the morphology of the dog, i.e., general look, health, development, physical conditions etc...). All the morphological features which characterize the “type” must be taken into greater account, as well as the following consideration: the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog is a heavy mesomorphic, with a remarkable size, rustic and powerful look, strong backbone and a very clear sexual dimorphism. The coat is very thick, straight or slightly waved, with a half-vitreous texture.

Measurements and Weight
The weight and the measurement of the chest circumference can be carried out by the assistant or by another person appointed by the Judge. The height at withers, the trunk lenght, the teeth and testicles check must be carried out by the Judge.

Evaluating a still and a moving Dog
During this part of the test the Judge reports on the evaluation card as far as he is concerned. The dog must be shown without any human interference (both standing still and moving). The Judge will take into account the morphological features that, in the current year, have been pointed out by
the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club as those fundamental for the evolution of the breed or, if negative, have been censured, in order to stop their diffusion.

B.M.T. Evaluation card
B.M.T. Certificate
When all the tests are performed both Judges sign the evaluation card and write on it if the dog has passed or failed the B.M.T. Then they officially communicate the results to the owner. The evaluation card is written in triplicate. All the copies must be signed by the Judges and bear the B.M.T. Manager’s initials on the margins. If the decision is unconditioned, two signed copies are handed over the B.M.T. Manager who will take care of sending them, together with the Genea logical Register Certificate, to the secretary’s office of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club; the third copy is given to the dog’s owner, together with the qualifications book. Dogs which are not fit to pass the test Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdogs not allowed to take the test have the following features:
- Serious anatomical and “type” defects
- Unhealty dogs,i.e. dogs with clear evidence of serious illness or hereditary weaknesses
- Male dogs with testicles defects (mono or bilateral cryptorchidism, mono or bilateral hypotrophy)
- Mild (C) medium (D) or serious (E) hip dysplasia
- Clear evidence of an undergone surgery, to conceal defects and/or malformations
Second attempt to pass B.M.T.
Dogs that fail B.M.T. because they did not pass the behavioural test or because they were temporarily debilitated can have a second try but at least six months after their first attempt. Should the dog fail a second time, there will not be any more chances.

A) The test is either passed or failed
B) Owners of dogs which have passed the test are morally committed to
- Grant the covering of approved male dogs with approved female dogs or females which, at any rate, show high-level morphological and behavioural features.
- Cover approved female dogs with approved male dogs or males which, at any rate, show high-level morphological and behavioural features.
All the Maremma and Abruzzes sheepdogs belonging to members of Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club can be admitted to the Social Championship. They must also be enrolled in one of the Italian Genealogical Registers or Registers of associated countries or countries acknowledged by F.C.I. The dog’s owner must be free from any sanctions or suspension from Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club or from ENCI.

- Qualifications book
- Be in good health
- Rabies vaccine certificate, testifying that the vaccination has taken place within a year and not less than a month before the date of the Social Championship.
- Clearly shown tattoo or microchip
- B.M.T. Certificate for dogs classified as adults, male and female breeders and for their puppies.

The admission requests must be sent to the Secretary’s Office of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club by mail, fax or e-mail at least fifteen days before the scheduled Social Championship.
They must be written down on the proper admission card which includes all the necessary data concerning the dog, the owner, the breeder, the B.M.T. Certificate (if passed) and the results of the hip x-ray. The choice of the different classes (Male Breeders, Female Breeders, Breeding Groups) can be made on the spot.
Exhibitions Judges, qualified by ENCI for the breed are usually appointed for Social Championship. Their number varies from two to four and they are chosen by the Council of the Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club, formerly approved by ENCI.
Participation classes are distinguished through sex and they are:
- Puppies: age 6-9 months
- Older puppies: age 9-12 months
- Juniors: age 12-18 months
- Young dogs: age 18-24 months
- Adult dogs: age 24 months and over
Further classes are:
- Male breeders: 4 or more puppies of the same adult dog with at least two different females
- Female breeders: 4 of more puppies of the same bitch with at least two different males

In both these classes the partecipant can be presented together with its offspring.
- Breeding group: 5 specimens at least, male and female, bred by the same breeders AWARDS.
Classes: Male/Female Adults: Social Champions of the year
Classes: Male/Female Young dogs: Promise of the year
Classes: Male/Female Juniors: Hope of the year
Classes: Male/Female Breeders: Best male/female breeder of the year
Classe: Breeding Group: Best Breeding group of the year

Male Social Champion/Female Social Champion/Best Male Breeders/
Best Female Breeders: it is necessary to have passed the B.M.T. All the results of the Social Championship will be published in the yearbook of Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog Kennel Club.

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