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Maremma Sheepdog breeder / Maremmano Abruzzese

Puppies expected

Please contact Eline Jagtenberg for further information about upcoming litters.
Next litter planned spring / summer 2019

info@maremma.nl  or 0031  653 915 195

How you can be prepared for a puppy???

  • Pour some cold applejuice on different places in your house and walk barefooted in the dark through your house.

  • Put on a sock without the toes and go to your work.

  • Go standing in the rain, when you just woke up and it is still dark, and say: "Go on, do a wee-wee".

  • Put some white dog hair on all your clothes.

  • Put some hair in your morning coffee or tea as well.

  • Run barefooted through the snow and be just in time to close the garden fence.

  • Turm some clean laundry upside down and spread it on the floor.

  • Leave your dirty underware in the living room, coz that is were your dog will bring it (especially when you have visitors).

  • Jump out of your chair, just before the end of your favorite tv-programme, run outside and yell: "No, no, you should do that OUTSIDE!" Miss the end of the programme.

  • Throw some chocolate pudding on your carpet in the morning. Don't clean it till your back from work late in the afternoon.

  • Make some holes in the table-legs with a screwdriver; there will be chewingholes anyway.

  • Take a nice warm blanket from the drier and put it over your legs; it will feel the same as a puppy falling asleep on your lap.


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