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Occhiata di Sole Parcodaini  *06-07-2008

Occhiata (pronounce: okjata) di Sole Parcodaini means a bit of sunshine, and is also a line from a song of Eros Ramazzotti 'Un Emozione per Sempre' (for the songtext also see: http://www.eros-ramazzotti-lyrics.com/files/nove/03.htm). She is the daughter of Goccia's third litter sired by Zen del Piangrande. She doesn't live at our place, but we co-own her with Ann and Bruno. She is called Occia (pronounce otsja).
She was responsable for our T-litter, sired by Don Giovanni.
Occia is a very sweet dog, but also very independent.
In the mean time she became Dutch (Youth) Champion. She has been tested for hip and elbow displasia and has the best possible results: A hips and the maximum Norberg value of 40 and elbows free.

Showcareer HD A, ED free
2010 Dutch Champion   Litters: 1
2009 Dutch Youth Champion Offspring: 6
shown 5 x: 5 x exc, 3 x cac, 1 x cacib, 2 x bob

Occhiata di Sole (A, 0) Zen del Piangrande (A)
Nettuno dei Giunoni Turco
Leuco (A)
Orobianco (B)
Brina (B)
Goccia di Raggi Solare Parcodaini (A) Artu (A) Leonida di Nivenus (A)
Zuffa del Vreccale
Egida Parcodaini(B) Amaranto di Selvaspina
Erbacedrina di Selvaspina (B)


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